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I spent the past eight hours at a Christian concert with some of the greatest bands and speakers in the country, yet the place that I felt the presence of God the most last night, was in a broken Spanish/English conversation in the bathroom. I don’t understand all of the details, but God is continuing to reveal Himself to me along the way...

I don't even know what made me stop and talk to her; the lady handing out paper towels for tips in the bathroom. It was just that she works so hard and I wanted to tell her. As we started talking, I realized that she spoke very little English. We spoke in Spanish and talked about how long the night was with 8 hours of concerts. She told me that her foot was hurting from all of the standing and cleaning that she had been doing. She talked to me about her kids and about the problems in her knee. She told me about the cancerous tumor that she’d had removed and showed me the scars on her stomach. Did you catch that? The woman in the bathroom told…

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