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Dare To Hope

I have become weary this Christmas season. I have become weary in life. Weary to hope. Because the risk of hope is disappointment.
I listened to a sermon this morning about Christ and His glory; About not being able to find God in the monotony of our lives and the places that we once saw Him in our youth; at camps or around a campfire, or on a mountain top far away. The places that we once found Christ as youth are no longer options for us as adults. We are committed to careers and to spouses and children. Yet is it the case that our greatest times of faith were to be found in our youth? Are the reasons that we can no longer find God, because we have committed our time to the dreams that we set out as children to achieve? Somehow this does not seem how God intended it to be. 
This sermon challenged me rather, that we do not find God in the same wonder that we did in our youth, because we do not look for Him there. We have lost the whimsy and the belief of children. We have been run d…

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