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We Are Far Too Easily Pleased...

I am having this crazy, unquenchable craving for candy lately. Surprisingly (or not) this craving is not lessening the more that I indulge; in fact, it's only growing. I was thinking today (as I sat there feeling miserable from all of the gummy bears and jelly beans that I consumed) that I am uncomfortably full; but not satisfied. I'm not satisfied at all. And it seems that the more that I give into this desire, it only grows.

 As I was sitting there feeling disgustingly full I started thinking, "I think life is like this." We are disgustingly full and craving from all that we are consuming, yet we are remarkably unsatisfied.

Today I filled myself with gummies and candy and denied myself what was good for me because I wanted to. I wanted what tasted good but had no positive lasting effects on my body and only brings about feelings that left me hungry and tired and craving for more. Yet I still did it, and I loved every minute of it, regardless of how it would leave m…

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