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Sometimes We Have to Fall Before We Stand

I’ve been watching my niece try to learn to walk... 

This morning my sister sent me a video of the first steps I’ve ever seen her take. She is scared, timid and afraid. And she has been trying to build up to this point her whole life. A little over a year of rolling, scooting and crawling has finally gotten her here. 
I keep thinking about this analogy in life; about how we come out of the starting gates wanting to run. But everything in us knows that life isn’t like that. We all experienced it for ourselves and yet somehow we seem to have forgotten one of life’s most basic skills.
Over the next few weeks, I’ll likely watch my niece take a few steps and fall down again. I’ll watch her hold onto things around her when she’s scared. I’ll watch her not even try at times and just go back to crawling because it’s what she knows and it’s safe. But at some point, I’ll watch her run, and never go back to just scooting herself around on the ground or crawling again.
No one looks at her when she fa…

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