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Waiting... Faithfully

If You Missed Christmas

Merry Christmas!!

Blessed is the Season Which Engages the World in a Conspiracy of Love

A Christmas Miracle

Feliz Navidad

Jamie Wright: A Born Doubter

Christmas Charity Isn't the Answer

So Much: So Little

I'd rather not...


Missions and Mixed Emotions: Reflecting on a Christian Conference

My Trip to Ecuador

Casas tribute to Amy Lowrey

when i am weak...

Casas por Cristo Blog

Save Blue Like Jazz

It's A Good Day to Be Alive

The Stories We Tell

Hanging with Alma

Happy 25th Anniversary Super Mario Bros!

dreams became scars

Red, Yellow, Black, White, LOVE

Give a Damn?


Philip's Question

No Waves, No Water, No Worries

for i know the plans i have for you...

let it be

when you can free solo beyond the realm of control to the point of falling


life to be lived

transparent balloons

between oblivion and blazes i'm led

this is why i do what i do.

transparency and $6 worth of balloons

Leaving Uganda but Uganda won’t leave me

Zac Smith Follow-Up

What If I Wait Until It's Too Late?

Our Life's Stories

i have lived

lights, laughter and love

i will fail you

breathe in, breathe out

I am far too easily pleased...

only words

Lynx Artisan Gallery

You're Blessed

El Paso Artisan Gallery

i found hope at the gas station

Beyond Building

Lynx Gallery

serve. build. love.

This Day

Use Me


Worth the Risk

Huge Turnout for Officer's Funeral - | WXIA | Atlanta, GA

i'm a grown up i swear


Arrest Made in Fulton Co Officer Slaying 021710 |

boxes and bows

Soul Miner


words on fire

Give Clean Water helping in Fiji

Pete's 200th

Photos From Haiti: Life Beyond the Headlines - Sphere News

wrestling with God

i wish we had cared... before now

super grover shoes