Capture Me

If I was reminded of anything during my last two weeks in Juárez, it's that I have made friendships stronger than the distance that divides us and that I pray will last for a lifetime.

Facetiming with friends that weren't here

Preparing to preach and translate at a church I built 6 years ago in Juárez. I am continuously amazed at where God has taken us, and how He provides.

After years of praying and searching, I was finally able to buy them their first computer!!

LOVE watching them looked amazed!

Exactly to the day that we finished the house, and a month early from the due date, Elizabeth came from the hospital to a brand new home

Forever Friends

Thirteen years since my first trip to Juárez, it's an honor to still be serving with Rev

YHC Alumni Crew

Almost a year ago, this beautiful girl was born in our home

My Best Friends

I never want to tell them goodbye

Reading their bibles

Pieces of me all over this city


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