Costa Rica

so i've been here for 16 days now and this is the first time that i've gotten the opportunity to get on this blog and update you guys on what's going on with me. that should speak for itself. even when i just pulled up the website to finally do this today, the website was all in spanish and i spent 10 minutes trying to figure out how to change it! that has been the story of my life as far as communication and the internet or phone goes here. every time i get close to getting online, or making a phone call, something happens. and lo and behold, that has been the hardest thing about being here thus far. you know i didn't realize how much i took for granted the ability to communicate daily with the people around me, whether it be through the internet or a phone that's just sitting in my pocket. i also didn't realize how reliant on these things i had become. it's pretty sad really; that the lack of these things when you find yourself alone in another country, can have the ability to make you feel completly lost and stranded. i think God's trying to teach me something with this, but i wish he'd stop :) seems to be now that i have things pretty much figured out, if it's a good internet day at least, and i'll be able to keep you all updated on what's going on with me out here and what's happened already. i'll throw some pics in cause everyone would rather look at those than read anyway. i'll also put up a link up with a page to lots more pictures from my time here if you're really bored, or if you're my mom and really wanna see what's going on. you know i guess it's a good thing that i've felt so stranded by not being able to communicate at all with my friends and family from home; because it means that i have people in my life that mean everything to me and without them, my life's just not ok...


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