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We Gave Away Family Photos... Here's What Happened

This Christmas, I felt a crazy burden to go out into the community and give away free family photos...

I had this dream of using photography to give back in Juárez, México this Christmas, but because of events that couldn't be controlled, I was unable to make that happen. When I knew I would be coming home to GA for the holidays, I kept wondering how I could still give back through photography. However, this Christmas season in GA, the rains poured and poured and the dates leading up to the holiday continued to pass. Late one rainy night, I decided I was going to get everything I needed to do this project, just in case the rains ever let up. So I went to Best Buy, bought a mobile printer, made a sign and figured out where I could take and give away photos. And then it continued to rain, and rain, and rain. Every weekend I was home leading up until Christmas, it rained. I literally had zero opportunity to go out and do what had been laid so deeply on my heart. I felt a little bit l…

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