Something Greater

Home was nothing that I intended it to be.

It was filled with laughter and giggles and "kan-jam" and friends and graduations and slumber parties and worship and family. It was seeing my friends' kids doing new things and throwing a football and chasing the older ones. It was playing basketball with my younger brother and staying up for hours talking to my sister on her graduation night. It was helping my twin sister figure out what to do with a tired baby and driving around in the middle of nowhere, forever to talk about life. And it was processing with my friends and family and learning from the seasons of life that we are in and helping one another grow.

But home wasn't any of the things I intended it to be. I intended it to be hours of work that I needed to get done and a crossed off to-do list that now is only piling higher. I intended to accomplish SO much more than I did. So I sat down on this plane this morning at 7am feeling defeated. And then I got this text.

"This trip counts as a waste if you measure it by the amount of work you completed on your computer- I humbly submit that you measure it by something greater...."

Something greater. 

Wow. In all of this, I was totally missing this perspective. This... Perspective

There is a lot of work to be done, and I am ready to hit the ground running, but that text this morning reminded me that I was missing all of the value in what I did get to see and do and experience. I almost totally missed the value in it all!

With the ongoing struggle of our work/life balance only growing, I know that I'm not the only one that walks away at the end of the day feeling defeated by what they didn't cross off of their to-do list. Yet for this week, the measuring stick that I was using to gauge the value of my days was off. For those of you having a day or a week like me, I would offer you the same advice that I received this morning, "I humbly submit that you measure it by something greater."


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