Little Boy in Aleppo and Why Photography Matters

For years I wondered, "Why Photoserve?" Why give all of our time and efforts and energy to create an organization that shares the stories of those unheard around the world. On nights like tonight, I know exactly, "Why Photoserve." Because tonight an image stopped me in my tracks. Tonight a video brought me to tears. Tonight I sat in a hotel room overlooking Philadelphia and wept for the innocent victims of the war in Syria and for those that are now considered refugees because they have lost their homes to war. Tonight, an image brought light to a war that has been going on for years. Tonight a video made a reporter cry. Tonight, this boy made us care.

Please take the time to click on this picture and watch this video. It is not the image that captured me, but the video that brought me to tears. This is one of the most touching reports I have ever seen

This little boy’s name is Omran and tonight, the world learned his name. Omran’s story is a picture of what happens every day in Syria. However because of his story, for a moment the world stopped and cared. Some will even go on to do something with the emotions that they feel. They will use their voice to raise awareness. They will give to programs that are fighting on behalf of these children. They will do something more than just sit and stare. 

And Omran’s story reminded me why I believe so much in the power of photography and why we do what we do. On my most challenging night, I want to push through my struggles to create an organization that fights for them; for Omran. I want to become a better photographer, for them. I want to learn to tell better stories, for them. I want to capture hearts and minds, for them. Because I know that if I can create something that makes another person stop in their tracks and make a change to better someone else’s life; then my life’s mission is complete.

To find out more about what you can do to help thousands of kids just like Omran that are fleeing the war in Syria, check out and consider becoming a Refugee Responder. You will be a part of helping to provide immediate relief for families affected by this war and helping to establish “Child Friendly Spaces” within refugee camps to give these kids a safe place to play, to take classes and to receive art therapy to walk through all that they have experienced. There is something that you can do to step in and remind these children that they are not alone, they are not forgotten and we will fight for them.


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