Who We Are

I saw this picture the other day in a video. It was taken almost 7 years ago and just a candid snapshot, but something about it made me stop and think about how I've spent my adult life. This is my resume; right here. Standing in the sand in México, covered in dirt, trying to do everything I can to have a conversation with a family that speaks a complete different language than my own. Sometimes you look back at life and wonder how you got to where you are. This was one of those moments. 

I never thought I would spend my 20's working through a language barrier that I had no clue how to speak when I began. I didn't think that I would teach people how to build houses. I didn't think that I would work out of the country, and especially not in a country that I previously had no connection with. And I definitely didn't think that I would stand before thousands and tell them about Jesus and a faith I was only trying to work through and understand on my own. 

You see, I am nobody special. I am no pillar of the faith. I am no great architect. I am definitely no linguist. I am dirty and broken and a hood-rat and totally rough around the edges and completely within. This journey is one that I have fought with my whole life, and have been totally beaten and bloodied from the war. 

I still look back at these pictures and know that I am nothing but willing. That is what I am though; with my whole heart. And to be honest, I don't know why. Except for the fact that deep down in the recesses of my soul I believe that the creator that made me also has the best life set out for me. And no matter how much I don't understand or how much it hurts, I know that there is nothing that I could do to write a truer story on my own. And that is the story I will fight with all my whole life to live.


Terri Butler said…
You are amazing and an inspiration to us all. You are loving and authentic and encouraging. Thank you for everything you do, especially for following His call.

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